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Advent Christmas 2019 I remember writing the Advent article for this time last year, and writing that time flies. Well, this year certainly seems to have flown. How can Advent be almost upon us, and how can it possibly be Christmas in a few short weeks’ time? Advent offers a period of waiting, of longing. We have 4 Sundays of Advent and this year on each Sunday we will think of the prophets, John the Baptist, Mary, and we ourselves as the people of God. Advent and Christmas, with their rich liturgy and beautiful readings, allow us to remember the Incarnation, the birth of Christ, God made Man. What difference does it make to us that Christ was born in humble ...

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from the Church's Blog:

This year marks the 60 year anniversary of the Church of the Epiphany being on it's current site and 50 years of our church hall. We ...

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